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Thursday, August 1st, 2013
12:57 am
Anyone still on here? How have your kids all grown up?
Monday, August 10th, 2009
12:13 pm
Heart Shaped Bibs! Look cute, fit great, wash like a dream!
What do you think? Are these hip or what?!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
11:45 am
Camping tips?
Being a relatively inexpensive vacation idea, Hubby, me, and our two boys 3 & 10 are going camping - for a week!  I'm hoping all you clever folks can give some advice on ways to keep two tornado children unplugged and happy for such a long time, without succumbing to "ah, let's go into town and end up spending money."

There are activities at the campsite, a pool, a creek/river.  I'm just really stumped for what we'll be able to do later on in the day.


(also posted to some mommy groups.)
Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
9:37 am
I received a gift card from a Vendor at work for our new baby. It was to a local coffee establishment. I went to use it today and it didn't work, I think it got demagnetized. The card that the gift card was placed in had a magnet attached to it as part of the card.

So here's my question. I've already thanked the Vendor, it's been at least a month since it was given, do I tell him that it didn't work? I wasn't expecting any kind of "gift" to begin with. Or do I just let it go? I don't know how much was on the card, so I don't know if its appropriate to mention it to him.


Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
10:32 pm
Back to School
So, by now all the kids are back to school. How did the first day go? The first week?

And a question for the twin moms....how many of you split your kids up. Mine just started first and they are in different classes for the first time. Personally, I think it's working out great so far -- though it is more work for me.
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
2:05 pm
Baby Proofing
I'm looking for suggestions needed for babyproofing the bottom of these stairs:

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
12:59 pm
This morning I sat on a bench at the playground next to a woman I have been friends with for over twenty years. We watched our children play together and we talked about the things moms talk about at the playground; health matters, family relations and aspirations, hair cuts, new snack suggestions for the preschool set. And what strikes me now as I write this, what seems to me to be some deeply defining moment in my journey through adulthood - is that it was so genuinely pleasurable, so profoundly fulfilling on so many levels that I am startled by the sincerity of my own emotion.

I say startled because for most of my life I have fought against this very simplicity, this, what I considered such a pedestrian way of life, actually caused me to feel fear when I imagined myself living it out by way of awful misfortune or circumstance. 'I would just die if my life were so boring', I thought at one time, 'I will never be so settled', I said, and the word 'settled' rang with contempt and presumption. And it is this presumption that leaves me mystified now, that I ever told myself such lies. But we are living in a world of never enough. I think that we are taught to believe that having it all is actually unattainable.

The very nature of advertising is the process of convincing an audience that they need something more than what they already have. I think that after a certain amount of this conditioning, the idea becomes fixed, no longer on one item, but on the feeling inspired by the programming, the very sensation of desire itself.

So what did I learn in the nineties? That to achieve nirvana, you must cease all desire, oh, and also shoot your television.

For me, I have more left to do, books to write, places I'd like to see, but I am happy here, the rest is cake.
Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
4:34 pm
Okay, this is a shameless plug....but since it's my community, no one can stop me!

My cousin created a new preschool show called Wilbur that is now on Discovery Kids and the TLC. It's for the preschool set and is based on reading and learning to read. It's a great program! You can get more info about the show at www.readysetlearn.com.

It's a great show. My daughters have been watching it and love it. The best character, I think, is a the rooster, Ray.

Anyway, please watch. My cousin and 2 of her fellow moms in the same suburban hell I currently live in, came up with the concept when their now 6th graders were mere tots and finally after a lot of hard work, they have acheived this great show on TV!


Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
8:52 am
Cosmopolitan Moms - NY Times article

November 9, 2006 New York Times
Cosmopolitan Moms

COME 4 o’clock on most Fridays, a group of eight mothers in Chestnut Hill, an affluent neighborhood in Philadelphia, gathers for drinks.

They have been following the rules all week, dutifully potty-training, wiping noses and transporting their progeny to schools, classes and doctors. As their young children play nearby, the women said, they sit around in one of their yards or living rooms, drink glasses of Cavit pinot grigio or cups of Yuengling lager, and unload. They talk of problems at the pediatrician’s or at school. They dole out pizza or cook hot dogs. Sometimes, they dance with the children.

While I think some might focus on the sensationalistic drinking part of this article, I have to say that these type of "play dates" sound like heaven to me....I long for a group of women with whom I can get together, on a regular basis, and while our children play safely we can enjoy a glass of wine and some down time - not even talking about parenting so much as just being an [i]adult[/i] and having grown up conversation.

We only have a few friends in the area with kids, and they don't know each other (or live near each other) so we tend to only get together on sporadic basis with one other family at a time.  I would love to have something more regular with larger groups...I would also love to have the time to do it, though w/my schedule, there never seems to be time (other than a precious weekend) to do these kinds of gatherings.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
5:58 pm
Memo to Nanny: No Juice Boxes
Published: September 28, 2006
New York Times

IN posting after posting on the new Web site ISawYourNanny.blogspot.com, anonymous whistle-blowers describe alarming baby-sitting behavior they witness at playgrounds or supermarkets: the nanny in the Seattle suburbs who may be drinking on the job; the sitter in Greenwich, Conn., preparing for a date with the children’s father; the one near Atlanta pouring Dr Pepper into the sippy cup of her young charge.

Jason Schneider




Alcohol abuse. Adultery. Carbonated beverages?

One of these things is not like the others.

Saturday, September 30th, 2006
8:19 am
Thirty five and still alive
My old boss, founder of banzai and an energetic music merchandising mogul and homeschooling father of four told me several weeks before my first miscarriage that there are two sorts of people - those that have kids and those that don't.

He said that it isn't a matter of better or worse, just that there is no possible way on earth that a person without kids can even fathom what it's like to have them. He was right. But those words did neither comfort nor dissuade me.

I knew it was work, I knew I'd lose sleep, I knew I'd love them... but seriously, it is a T R I P. It is so mundane, it is so ordinary and yet it is so mind bogglingly intense and gigantic and more than you think you can even handle on any given day that I wonder why people aren't running through the streets yelling every other afternoon. I guess it's like any other major emotional event in life, we just suck it up and march on and try not to scream in the middle of the road with a howling of glory and joy and terror and agony and rage and frusration and euphoria. I still maintain that it is the most selfish thing you can do in this life - to have children - to bring people here knowingly and realize that you cannot protect them from the world nor the world from them.

We went to the library this morning for story hour. It started well, E&C Inc. sat on my lap and didn't even try to push each other off, and I scoped the crowd, finding a few moms that looked perfect for me. I am currently a SAHM desperately seeking. One mom looked absolutely scrumptous... and her son! His blond locks were long and curley - reminding me that the pressure I feel to hack my sons hair off is purely fear based. I yearned to reach over and say hi, spill my guts, learn her life story. But alas, 15 minutes later, three songs and one story, and we were making a not so unexpectedly rapid exit as Ev spotted an unmanned sippy cup and his sister joined in the fray as I tried to tell him 'no'. Ha ha... 'no'... the ultimate dare for a toddler with an agenda.

We piled into our minivan and I savored the five minutes of music and peace as we drove for home apparently making lunchtime with mere seconds to spare as they jumped up and down clawing at the counter for food.
I remember reading the newspaper over a cup of coffee on any given Sunday morning.
Such luxury. I can only tell myself, however delusionally it may be, that someday I will again have such stillness and reflection at my fingertips.
Thursday, September 28th, 2006
12:37 pm
Parental pecking order...
I think this is the first time my Mama Bear haunches have been raised...

We live in a very diverse neighborhood, though there is a large population of Modern Orthodox Jewish families. We are a not-too-religious interfaith family - D is a non-practicing Christian (celebrates Christmas and Easter, but not religiously, just as "holidays") and I am a reform Jew (go to synagogue on the High Holy Days, celebrate other major holidays in the home, but do not keep kosher, speak Hebrew other than in services/prayers, etc). Neither of us are too keen on organized religion as a whole, I would say my connection to Judaeism is definitely more cutural than religious.  

I grew up the only Jewish child in my neighborhood and elementary school, and was friends with all different kinds of kids growing up. 

There is a little boy who lives in our buidling part-time (parents are divorced, father lives in our building, mother lives 2 blocks away and they have split custody). Our babysitters are very friendly, and our boys often have playdates together. There are lots of other kids, who are friends through this other boy, that also are included in the "group".

My sitter today told me that the boy's mother has requested that her sitter focus his playdates only with other "religious" families.

I absolutely respect her desires, and understand (to a point) where they are coming from....however, it is philosophically so opposite from where I am coming from. Also, I hate to think (even though it won't be the first time) that my child would be excluded from something/someone simply because of ________ (insert religion, gender, ethnicity, orientation, etc). 

I think part of the issue is that it is being filtered through our babysitters rather than through us directly as parents (the mother and I don't know each other at all)....but still, I am hurt by it.   Since their are other kids in this "group" are also religious, I am always very sensitive to that. I have snacks available in my home that are kosher (single serve kosher packets), and I don't let my sitter bring non-kosher food into their homes.

I think the thing of it is that I was exposed to so much at a young age (religions, ethnicities, etc) that it is "normal" to me to be surrounded by diversity...and it is one of the things I like the most about being in a large city.

Also, I bore the brunt of rampant anti-semitism growing up - swastikas drawn on my locker, pennies thrown on my lawn, truly awful slurs, etc - by parents who raised their children to be small-minded (and I do blame the parents when it is elementary/junior high kids doing it, since they have to learn it somewhere). It was really hard to be the "token Jew", and to feel the responsibility of debunking stereotypes and explaining cultural differences or religious significance etc.

In moving where we did, I was happy to know that we would be in a neighborhood with a lot of other Jewish people so my kids wouldn't have to feel what I did growing up....I think it is even more hurtful now, to be excluded for not being Jewish enough.
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
7:07 am
I thought that was PMS
Other nursing moms get to go a solid 6, 9 even 12 months post-partum before they get their period back....


3 and a half months, both times.


Granted, this may be the trade off for having a baby who has been sleeping through the night (knock wood) since he was 2 months old, but c'mon....I was hoping to get a pass for a few more months!

now I'm curious....when did you get yours?  

(for the record, Bones is fully breastfed. I went back to work 2 1/2 weeks ago and pump every 3 hours in his absence)
Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
2:40 pm
High Chairs/Booster seats/Kinderzeats
My 4 month old is nearing the time for a high chair....The last thing I want to do is buy something that I'll need to replace in a year or two, so any input/experience/advise is welcomed!

read on for blather about seats, boosters, and my dining room chairs...Collapse )
Saturday, August 12th, 2006
11:47 am
Intro post
Hello, everyone!  Just found out last week that I'm pregnant and as I was checking out communities, I read the user info for this group and felt it was very, very fitting for me.  I was that weird girl back in the day who wore her combat boots with literally everything, including nice dresses, much to my frilly mother's chagrin.  I work as a social worker so I still get to be a little left of center, but we do live in the 'burbs of Buffalo and Niagara Falls.  My husband comes from a much more conservative New Hampshire background so I suppose we have evened each other out a little over the years.  But now there's this whole baby thing to think about and as it's going to be a major lifestyle adjustment, I'm excited that I found this community to assist in that endeavor. 
Thursday, July 13th, 2006
11:03 pm
maternity piercings
I just got a maternity piercing today for my belly button since my old ring was starting to hurt a lot. I have some questions:

It's really long (it's one of the flexible ones, with the balls on each end), maybe 2". Are you supposed to cut it down? If so, how--regular scissors? Any tricks to it so the ball will still screw on? I don't want to ruin it. And, any ideas about how much to cut? I'm only 27 weeks now so I don't want to make it too short to last all the way through, but it looks pretty dumb the way it is right now...


Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
12:11 pm
New here
Hey there,

Just hit 2nd trimester and was poking about for smart mommy groups. Reading these posts made me snort out loud and wonder how you were able to read my diary.

Glad to find a smart and vibrant group. Cheers!
Saturday, June 17th, 2006
3:09 pm
Mamarevolution.com was started in early winter 2004 by four young mamas who needed a place where they belonged. Too young and alternative for babycenter and too old for the teen based online communities, they struck out to make a home for mamas who just didn’t fit in anywhere else. After a few nights of brainstorming and women sharing their talents, Mamarevolution.com was born.

Mamarevolution is a pro-choice, feminist community who seeks to support, encourage and educate young women and mothers from all backgrounds and cultures. Our goal is to provide the community and support that is so desperately needed as we fight for our rights as parents and women, and to defeat the social stereotypes that surround young or alternative parents.

While we promote breastfeeding and natural parenting, we recognize that each family is unique and has their own set of needs and customs. We respect and support all families and their allies in their quest to raise strong, positive and socially conscious children.
Thursday, June 1st, 2006
4:25 am
Obligatory newbie post!!
Hello there,
My name is Krys and I am mom to an awesome 2 1/2yr old named Slater and fiance to his awesome daddy sinmach.I am currently a sahm, though in my past incarnations I was a body piercer/bartender/retail slut.
I was recently perusing communities when I happened upon this one.I like the idea that there is an actual mothering board out there that is all about the mothers (unlike the gazillion or so ones that are all about the kiddos, which is cool, but a little variety is nice too).Even better that there is one for us "ex-hip" mamas.;)
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
2:03 pm

Popular Blogging Site Restricts Use of Breastfeeding Photos:
LiveJournal cites images as 'inappropriate' and sends mothers to the virtual restroom.

Carrie Patterson
Executive Director, ProMoM.Org

Popular Blogging Site Restricts Use of Breastfeeding Photos:
LiveJournal cites images as 'inappropriate' and sends mothers to the virtual restroom.

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 - Women on the popular blog site LiveJournal are calling foul at the company’s decision to brand images of breastfeeding as ‘inappropriate.’ Many users of the site have joined together to urge LiveJournal’s parent company SixApart to address their concerns and reevaluate the policy.

Small "userpics" of no more than 100 by 100 pixels represent LiveJournal members throughout the site. Users can define one of these icons as "default icon" which plugs it into the user's public profile. These default icons were originally not permitted to be ‘sexually explicit or graphically violent.’ Recently, icons which depicted breastfeeding were cited as being ‘inappropriate’ by the LiveJournal abuse team, a group of volunteers who monitor complaints on the site. After clarification was requested, LiveJournal changed their FAQ to reflect a no nudity rule and is claiming that icons with visible areola or nipple are not permitted. Whether or not areola is visible in a photograph is dependent on a number of factors, including skin tone of the mother and physical changes during pregnancy.

Claimed Live Journal Abuse Staffer 'Erin' in a post on the site, "That's really a matter for the FCC to decide. LiveJournal's policies on this mirror what would be allowed on primetime TV or in a PG-13 movie." However, this is not true. The FCC does not consider the act of breastfeeding on television to fall under the definitions of indecency or obscenity.

Breastfeeding is exempt from nudity laws throughout the United States as well as countries such as Canada. Advocates are urging LiveJournal to adopt the same criteria. "It is regrettable that LiveJournal has chosen to target breastfeeding mothers instead of standing up for the protection provided them by law," says Carrie Patterson, executive director of ProMom.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness and public acceptance of breastfeeding. Advocates state that the feeling that breastfeeding should be hidden only fosters the idea that the natural act of nourishing a child is scandalous.

Breastfeeding bloggers who have refused to change their default icon have been suspended from the site. These users, as well as others questioning the policy, have been treated poorly by the site’s volunteer abuse team, something that is not unusual according to other site users.

More than 1,000 LiveJournal users complained, and SixApart issued an apology to the group. However, the company refuses to consider modifying their policy and continues to suspend users whose default icons are deemed inappropriate. Although LiveJournal stated a clarified rule, mothers are still reporting major inconsistencies in its application.

The breastfeeding debacle is only the most recent in a long line of incidents that have people wondering if the abuse procedures as a whole should be reviewed for fairness and propriety. Complaints have been raised about users' privacy, inconsistent enforcement of the Terms of Service, conflicting information and responses from abuse team members, and discourteous replies to users seeking clarification on the rules.

Activists are now working together to get this policy changed and to clarify the policies and procedures of the LiveJournal abuse team. While some are refusing to continue paying for the service, others have moved to different journaling websites to protest what they feel is a violation of their rights. For more information, contact Carrie Patterson at 678-513-6329 or carrie@promom.org or visit http://www.promom.org/bf_info/mp.html.


Feel free to repost and forward. These press releases will be sent to every major newspaper and television station across the United States. We have a team of people currently working on getting them out.
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