Sal (iamdamanda) wrote in sorta_hip_moms,

Intro post

Hello, everyone!  Just found out last week that I'm pregnant and as I was checking out communities, I read the user info for this group and felt it was very, very fitting for me.  I was that weird girl back in the day who wore her combat boots with literally everything, including nice dresses, much to my frilly mother's chagrin.  I work as a social worker so I still get to be a little left of center, but we do live in the 'burbs of Buffalo and Niagara Falls.  My husband comes from a much more conservative New Hampshire background so I suppose we have evened each other out a little over the years.  But now there's this whole baby thing to think about and as it's going to be a major lifestyle adjustment, I'm excited that I found this community to assist in that endeavor. 
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