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High Chairs/Booster seats/Kinderzeats

My 4 month old is nearing the time for a high chair....The last thing I want to do is buy something that I'll need to replace in a year or two, so any input/experience/advise is welcomed!

I'm trying to decide if I should get a 'normal' high chair now and a booster seat later or a Tripp Trapp that will allow him to sit at the table from the beginning and be used well into adulthood.
The 'real highchair' we'd get is the Chicco Polly

Tripp Trapp (AKA the Kinderzeat with a baby rail), where I'd use a thick rubber table mat as his 'tray'.

So, while I know I don't NEED the tripptrapp/kinderzeat, should I just get it now, or will the "Normal" chair and a booster like this work? i guess my question is how essential IS a Kinderzeat? Should I just plan on a booster seat like this?

Oho, and for the record, we eat in the dining room (no kitchen table) and our chairs are leather, like this, so I don't want to attach a 'portable' high chair to them

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