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Sorta-Kinda Hipster Moms


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Okay, so you used to be quite the cool thang back in the day and hey, maybe you still are -- no wait, of course you still are!-- it's just that you live in the suburbs now (or maybe you don't, but you have yuppies for neighbors now) and instead of getting the nod by the guest list nod from a bouncer you aren't exactly fitting in with the other moms at the playground. And instead of spending your cash on travel or rock shows or something vintage, you are doling it out at Toys R Us, and instead of listening to [insert totally hotter-than-thou band here] or NPR you have The Wiggles or Laurie Berkner in your car's CD player. Maybe it's not a car at all -- maybe it's a -- gasp -- minivan! This doesn't make you un-cool, it makes you a parent. It also might even make you the coolest parent in your neighborhood, only the other moms & dads don't know it because they never really got it in the first place. They don't realize how scary it is to think you may be turning into a soccer mom.

Maybe this community isn't as complicated as all that. I just know as a mom that I'm a little alternative in nature still -- but I'm not Goth girl or Punk Rock chick anymore. I've grown up, but I still don't fit in with the other moms. Is this you too? I know there are lots of other parents out there like me who could use a place to hook up.

This community is about a lot of things & I want to be open to whatever. However, there are already a lot of communities out there for "Alternative" Parents or young parents or super normal run of the mill parents and so this isn't what this one is about. This is more for parents who lead normal adult suburban-ish lifestyles, but have liberal view points and really fantastic taste in the arts. I like Ariel Gore & all, but her image of "Hip Mama" doesn't really apply here -- by her account we'd be pretty damn square. This is more for parents in their late-20's, or 30's or even 40's who have seemingly traditional lifestyles (NOT the same as family values, mind you!) with untraditional flair. Make sense?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the group discription above carefully before joining up. If you don't really get it, then this isn't your group. If you are all decked out right now in a whole outfit from Hot Topic, then this isn't your group. If you were born after 1977, this probably isn't your group. If you waiver on the side of immature or irresponsible, then go away. If you are a neo-con or big time Christian Right, then you are probably a wrong fit. Think about it first, that's all I'm saying.

This is a place for advice and friendship. Photos are okay, but only FRIENDS ONLY and only under a cut. But, be conservative about posting pictures. There are other groups for that sort of thing. This is more about us than our kids. It's more about our relationships to each other and how we cope with our new lives than for showing off our beautiful kids. And please try not to cross-post to all the other mommy communities (x-posting to your own journal is of course okay) unless it's totally of sorta-hip mom topic. We're a unique group...or at least we want to think we are.

Also, please note that this isn't a community to pass judgement because you think someone isn't breastfeeding or doing attatchment parenting or whatever else you personally thing is the right way to parent. You can have your opinions, but keep them to yourself if you can't accept that parenting is completely personal and your way is only best for you and your family. There will be no drama here. There will be no judging here. We're above that. We're cool.